Our 2nd Annual Bedford Park Garden Contest

Despite the challenges of COVID and lockdown, our second annual Garden Contest was able to move forward. Thankfully, sharing our garden is something we can all do safely with social distancing while celebrating some community life together.

Thank you so much to those who have joined us this year. Enrollment is now closed and judging has begun! Please look out for signs tucked among your neighbours’ plants to see who has entered.

Last year’s winner, Tony Bessell of Fairlawn Avenue. Photo: Michelle Moore.


Judging Criteria

Gardens must be planted and maintained by their owners (not professional landscapers). The judges will be looking for:

Overall impression – is there an intention for the garden (flowers, pollinator, vegetable, etc.); if the front and back garden are both entered, then how do the two gardens flow together to contrast or complement each other.

Content – are there plants that offer interest through the season; are additional features like water, art or rock incorporated into the garden design.

Diversity and sustainability – is there diversity in the types of plantings; are eco-friendly practices in place to nourish growth from the ground up (compost, rain barrels, bee houses, bird baths etc.); does the space creatively accommodate a diversity of uses (play, cook, eat, lounge).

A panel of three judges working with a Certified Master Gardener from the University of Guelph program have viewed the entries to see their early summer beauty, and will visit again to see the late summer blooms to choose the winners, which will be announced in September.

Good luck to all who entered!

*   *   *

Many thanks to our 2021 sponsors Frechette Lawncare (www.frechettelawncare.com), who have donated a gift basket valued at $250, and Re/Max Sales Representative Ruth Halperin (www.ruthhalperin.com), who has donated a cash prize of $150.