Saturday June 1, 8 a.m. – Noon, 150 Participating Homes!

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If you’ve ever contemplated holding a yard sale, this is for you!
All you need to do is commit to holding it, on your own lawn, on Saturday June 1 from 8 a.m. to Noon.  You’ll be able to declutter and make a few dollars for doing so.  There’s no charge to participate and you keep 100% of your profits.  You don’t need to be a member of BPRO – everyone is welcome.
BPRO is working in conjunction with our neighbours south of Lawrence, the Lytton Park Residents’ Organization.  LPRO has run this popular event successfully in their area for two previous years.  We will coordinate with them to maximize our promotional reach, and to increase the overall number of participants.
All participants will receive a free lawn sign to help attract others, and of course it will advertise to potential shoppers.  The sale will be promoted on as many free media outlets as possible, including flyers throughout the neighbourhood.  Our website will be a great resource as it will show each participating address on a map to help shoppers find their way.  BPRO-area locations will be posted on LPRO’s website as well.
To register:
Please click on Sign Up above to register.  This is required for your address to be added to the map on both websites.  We’ll be in touch to ensure you get your free lawn sign, plus some additional flyers to give to your neighbours and friends.
We need volunteers:

Let’s find that BPRO Pride! We’ll need volunteers to clean up the neighbourhood after the sale. Please email us at to let us know if you’d be willing to help remove flyers from poles, and signs from front lawns. Thank you!


We’re already at over 100 participating homes and people are still coming on board!  Please enlarge the map below to view where everyone is located.  The map will be updated through Friday night.

Please click here, Shoppers Address List, to see a printable list of all the addresses.  This list will be updated again on Friday night, so perhaps wait until then to print it so you bring the most up-to-date list of homes with you.

Click on the square in the top left corner of the map to see the detailed list of participating locations.
Or, click on the square in the top right corner of the map to enlarge the map and index together.