Concerned About the Development

Planned for 3180 Yonge Street?

The Bedford Park Residents Organization (BPRO) is calling on all residents in our community to voice their concerns about the development proposed for 3180 Yonge Street, at Woburn. It’s time to get involved, starting with our email and letter-writing campaign.

BPRO is not opposed to new development. We simply want to make sure that the proposal is amended in keeping with current regulations, zoning by-laws and takes community concerns into account.

The proposed 12-storey commercial/residential development will consume almost the entire block from Woburn Avenue to Bedford Park Avenue (only the TD Bank will remain). Not only will the new building dramatically exceed planning guidelines and zoning regulations, but it will set a precedent for all future development along Yonge Street. The future of our neighbourhood rests on the actions we take today!

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  • Community safety is at risk
    The developer is proposing that all traffic to the 109 condos traverse what are arguably some of the busiest roads and sidewalks in Bedford Park. Increasing traffic on the narrow laneway beside Blessed Sacrament Catholic School will be dangerous to their young students. Add to this the congestion created by numerous school busses, car traffic dropping off passengers at the TTC entrance, and the constant flow of pedestrians on this especially busy section of Bedford Park, and this will become an accident waiting to happen.
  • Excessive footprint and density
    Essentially the proposed development is too big for the land upon which it sits. It doesn’t meet the required minimum distance from other properties, and the lack of sidewalk space along Yonge doesn’t take into account priorities such as a high-quality walking environment, room to safely distance, or the possibilities of future street-level amenities.
  • The current proposal would be 70% taller than the current allowable maximum
    Not only is this a violation of zoning regulations, but a 12-storey building is completely out of scale with the surrounding commercial buildings and community character of Yonge-Lawrence Village. We want to ensure that the developer is considerate of current zoning standards, and does not violate density guidelines and homeowners’ shadow rights.
  • Provision for amenities that enhance the neighbourhood
    We would like to see the developer mandated to have features that are both forward-thinking and, at the same time, honour the historic nature of the community. These include: wider sidewalks and provision for restaurant patio space; an increased number of smaller, street-level retail spaces to attract a wider diversity of independent businesses in keeping with our Village streetscape; and consideration for addition of a green space or parkette.

Click on the button below to send an email to: Councillors Mike Colle (Ward 8) and Jaye Robinson (adjacent Ward 15), City Manager, Planner and Secretariat Contact Al Rezoski, Cathie Ferguson and Carlie Turpin, and MPP Robin Martin. This link will open a pre-populated email with draft language for you to use. This will be even more effective if you take a moment to personalize it with your specific concerns. Please be sure to add your name and address at the bottom to validate your objections before you press send. (A copy will be sent automatically to BPRO for our records, and we will keep you updated on developments.)

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This auto-populated email may give you an error message when sent from a certain combination of hand-held devices and browsers, particularly Apple products. If you experience an error, please replace the pre-populated addresses with the ones provided below.


If you prefer to send your own email or letter, please feel free to adapt any of the language we’ve provided, and send your comments to:

Mike Colle
City Councillor for Ward 8
2952 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M6B 3S9

Jaye Robinson
City Councillor for Ward 15
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite A12
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Al Rezoski
Manager, Community Planning, North York
North York Civic Centre, Ground Floor
5100 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2N 5V7

Cathie Ferguson
Planner, Community Planning, North York
North York Civic Centre, Ground Floor
5100 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2N 5V7

Carlie Turpin
Secretariat Contact
North York Civic Centre, Ground Floor
5100 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2N 5V7
Email :

Robin Martin, MPP (Eglinton-Lawrence)
Constituency Office
2882 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M6B 3S6