Developer Abandons City Process, Appeals to New Provincial Tribunal


In July 2021, the developer behind the proposed 3180 Yonge Street development effectively abandoned the City planning approval process with a direct appeal to the province even though the City’s planning approval process is not yet complete. They cited the City’s current lack of decision as the reason for the appeal.

The developer filed an appeal with the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, which recently merged with several other provincial review boards under a new umbrella tribunal called the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).

The developer had submitted revised plans to the City on May 31, purportedly in response to concerns raised by the City and local residents through BPRO’s email and letter-writing campaign and feedback received at a Community Consultation Meeting. However, the changes were very minor (for example, the gross floor area was reduced by 2.5%).

Based on the comment matrix submitted by the developer, which showed detailed comments from the City, it was clear that the Planning office was not supportive of the proposal, raising issues such as height, set-backs, the laneway, and the lack of connection to the subway.

LPAT (now called the OLT) has the option to override Toronto’s municipal by-laws and approve this development with minimal or no further modifications. The developer will certainly be arguing they’re fulfilling the goal to intensify development in the area of Lawrence subway station, as mandated by the provincial government.

NYX Capitol Corporation, the City and resident organizations are currently awaiting a case management conference date from the tribunal.

BPRO will continue to communicate with influencers, and we have now opened a dialogue with MPP Robin Martin since the final decision will be at the provincial level. We are also reaching out to representatives from local schools and neighbourhood organizations.

We know our residents are very engaged on this issue and deeply concerned, and we will be keeping you updated on the latest developments.