Who We Are

The Bedford Park Residents Organization (BPRO) is a non-profit organization run by enthusiastic volunteers who live in the neighbourhood. We seek to promote and protect the local community of Bedford Park. A new Board of Directors was formed in the summer of 2018, and other volunteers have become involved for specific initiatives.

These are interesting times. The provincial government reduced Toronto City Council by half, which doubles the importance of citizen activity at the community level. Acting together, we can have a significant impact on the things that matter most to us. We will act effectively despite the increasingly complex political and regulatory environment.

Where We Are

Our borders run from Avenue Road to Yonge Street, and Lawrence Avenue north to, but not including, Brooke Avenue.
If you live within this area, we encourage you to get involved.

BPRO History

The Bedford Park Residents Organization was founded in 1999 to provide a community voice regarding area re-development. The group became inactive a number of years ago.

In the summer of 2018, BPRO was reactivated in response to the proposed re-development of 250 Lawrence Avenue West, and to prepare for any future projects that may affect our area, particularly along Avenue Road, Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue.

On Yonge Street, between Wanless and Ranleigh, 1928. Photo, Toronto Public Library Digital Archives.


A Few Facts about Bedford Park

Homes in the BPRO Area
$ 176,139
Average Household Income
$ 1,637,114
Average Home Value